The 7th Board of Directors’ Meeting of APEN (Lao-Japan Institute, National University of Lao PDR, October 31st, 2017)

APEN held the 7th annual Board of Directors’ Meeting at Lao-Japan Institute, National University of Lao PDR on October 31st, 2017.
In the Meeting, Prof. Dr. Seiichi Kawata, the Chairperson of Japan Chapter of APEN was elected as a new Chairperson of APEN.
Directors discussed on the future action plan and the outreach issue.

APEN JAIF Project Seminar in Thailand – Dissemination of Project Outcomes in Thailand (Bangkok, Thailand, June 1, 2017)



APEN held the APEN JAIF Project Seminar in Thailand under the JAIF (Japan ASEAN Integration Fund) scheme at Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology of Thailand (TNI) jointly hosted with TNI. In the seminar, Dr. Krissanapong Kirtikara, Chaiman of Kasetsart University Council and Mr. Suwanchai Lohawatanakul, the Executive Director for Business Development, Technology Promotion Association (Thailand-Japan) delivered keynote speeches. After the speeches, representatives from AIIT and active APEN JAIF Project leaders from Indonesia (Prof. Ade Sjafruddin), Malaysia (Prof. Sha’ri Mohd Yusof) and Philippines (Prof. Alvin B. Culaba) presented APEN JAIF Project outcomes of each chapter to Thai people. In the last, presenters and floor exchange the opinion how to disseminate the outcomes of the project in Thailand.

APEN-JAIF Project – Ci-HRD Project Wrap-up Conference APEN – A powerful Engine for the ASEAN Connectivity (Bandung, Indonesia, May 13, 2017)



APEN held the APEN-JAIF Project – Ci-HRD Project Wrap-up Conference under the JAIF (Japan ASEAN Integration Fund) scheme at Institut Teknologi Bandung of Indonesia (ITB) jointly hosted with ITB. In the conference, On behalf of West Java Cooperative and Small Enterprises Department, Dr. Dudi S. Abdurachim delivered keynote speech, and on behalf of Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Mr. Cakra, ST, MT, ME, Head of Technical Application Unit for Construction Technology delivered keynote speech. Further three invited speakers, Dr. Deni Rahayu (Head of Policy Analysis Department in BP2D), Dr. Dani Ramdan, MT (Head of Sports and Youth Board West Java Province) and Ir. Niniek Agustini, MBA delivered speeches from different points.

Following those speeches, each APEN JAIF Project members presented the final results of CIS and multiversity project which has been completed by Japan and ASEAN countries. The APEN JAIF members shared the experiences and insight in conducting the research on SMEs as well as the condition of higher education system and multiversity in each country.